Apr. 15th, 2011 03:40 pm
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I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted anything in millions of ages. I’ve not dropped off the face of the earth, but I’m home with Evil Stomach Bug Of Doom. (Can you tell what a bad patient I am yet?) I can’t concentrate to draw or write, so instead I’m tormenting my poor tate buds with thinking of Nice Things I Cannot Have. I’m blaming this on madder_rose, she made me think of cheesecake. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Needed stuffs
• 450g of soft cream cheese
• 4 large eggs
• 1 vanilla pod, with the seeds scratched out
• Keep the seeds!
• 225g of white chocolate, good stuff if you can get it, not Milky Bars, y/y?
• 225g of crème fraische
• Little bit of butter, for greasing
• 55g of bashed up biscuit crumbs, if you’re going all out, chocolate digestives are OM NOM NOM

Making stuffs
1. Put the cream cheese in a bowl and beat until soft, add the eggs one by one, and mix in the seeds scraped from the vanilla pod.
2. Melt the white chocolate in a large bowl, when it’s all yummy and melted, gently fold in the crème fraîche until smooth.
3. Once that’s done, fold the chocolate mixture into the cream cheese mixture.
4. Grease a 25cm cake tin and cover the base with the biscuit crumbs. Pour the chocolate and cream cheese mixture into the tin and bang down on something hard to burst any bubbles.
5. Bake in a low oven, 150C/300 for 45 minutes-1 hour, or until whenever the centre is just firm.
6. Allow to sit for a few hours to firm up, before ravishing it.
Is it just me, or does cooking sometimes sound seriously dirty?


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